Travel website design and Rene Descartes

Cartesian Products This is René Descartes, a Frenchman, who had quite a lot to say about God, mind-body duality, and travel website design. Anyone who has worked with Cool Travel on a travel website will have heard mention of René on occasion.  But, in case you haven’t had that honour, you might need me to provide a little further detail. We have already explained, with the help of some nice people at Google and MIT, how difficult it is to find the cheapest

Finding an available low fare using scheduled flights

Finding an available low flight fare can be very difficult and a significant amount of often very fluid data is required to find it.  However, there are different levels of complexity to the problem, so first we should assess the dimensions of the problem that we need to solve. Different problem dimensions A. Finding the cheapest fare on complex routings with any fare to and from anywhere in the world. B. Finding the cheapest fare from anywhere in the world to anywhere in

Hotel rates for tour operators

In Europe, many tour operators have worked in the same way, loading hotel rates that come in by email (or even fax) for many years and have never taken up using some of the distribution methods that Online Travel Agents usually use. This can make them uncompetitive at certain times or can lead to them needlessly giving away margin to remain competitive. The following are a few random notes that might be of assistance to a tour operator wishing to have